The Night Life of the Gods


Night Life of the Gods involves Hunter Hawk, a diletante-dabbler scientist who discovers a way to turn people and objects into statues. He meets a drunken leprechaun named Ludwig Turner, who introduces him to his young daughter, "a holy howling hell of a daughter" as her doting father describes her, who has the power to turn statues to flesh. After various adventures, they go to the New York Museum of Art and bring Mercury, Bacchus, Venus, Diana, Hebe, Apollo and Perseus to life and turn them loose on Prohibition era New York City.

Of course Mr Hawk and Miss Turner become disreputably involved. She is a lovely thing (about four-foot-six, I estimate from the book, maybe a little taller)and a mere nine hundred years old.

Miss Turner is named after a famous ancestress of hers. The name begins with an "M" and her personality certainly reflects it.

Review by: Mike Weber

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