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Let me just say that it's amazing to find so many fans of Thorne Smith's works. I set this page up with the intention of letting folks know that works of great literature are timeless. Though Thorne may never go down in history as one of the definative authors of our time, he can at least be remembered for making more than a few people laugh out loud while reading his works sixty years after the fact!
Thank you for all the kind words, comments, and suggestions.
Keep the faith!
Jim Choma

Name: Carl Fallsright, PhD
Comments: Memories. You have brought back so many fondly remembered childhood memories for me with this page. I can still see my father and grandfather trading Thorne Smith lines like the kids of today quote Monty Python. What a wonderful addition to the WWW.

Name: neill curzon
Comments: I am trying to locate copies of his books I read over 30 years ago so I can read them again. Any ideas?

Name: stephen dare
Comments: this site is wonderful. My grandfather got all of our family hooked on thorne smith in the late 70's when he began reading explosively hilarious books aloud to my grandmother (a pentecostal woman, whose shocked initial reticience gave way to unabashed giggling fits). After a while, whenever papa read the family would sit in for laughter. This only led to the unseemly permanent presence of Thorne Smith Books in the Throne Room for even more unseemly bouts of bathroom snickering. Ultimately, bitter family resentments simmered over hotly contested ownership of 'borrowed' (honestly or otherwise) copies. Thorne Smith was my grandmothers manhood, my grandfathers maiden bloom and my unreservedly vocal in my praises of this site! stephen dare

Name: Jennifer Dunne
Website: Dreams on the Wing
Comments: Thanks for telling me about this page. I'm thrilled to see titles I wasn't aware of, that I can comb the used bookstores for. I picked up a paperback copy of Skin and Bones for only 15 cents from someone who obviously didn't understand its worth! (Delightful story, but my favorite is still The Stray Lamb) I'd also like to invite people to visit my webpage. I've got an excerpt from my first book online. (I'm nowhere near such a master of satire and whimsy as Thorne Smith, but I've tried to capture the "ordinary people with a single extraordinary occurance" that marked his books, and think you might enjoy the read)

Name: Andy Gluba
Comments: Great Comments in the Guest Register. TS was my father's favorite author. Dad passed away one year ago, New Years Eve, 1997. Antique browsing Christmas Eve this year, I FOUND "Topper" $5.00 What a great gift from my Dad, now searching for "The Stray Lamb" and others for our collection.

Name: Randall Bachman
Comments: Thanks for the brief descriptions. My Dad had told me of these stories years ago, and I finally got around to checking into adding them to my collection. Randy

Name: Matthew Menges
Comments: Thorne Smith rocks. No other like, nor will be. I, like others I have seen in the guestbook, thought I was the only Thorne Smith utlimate fan. "Rain in the Doorway" is the my favorite, but, heck, they all are. Now if I could only have first editions of them all. Might go read one now.

Name: Russ Marshall
Comments: Nothing in particular - just enjoy Thorne Smith. Looking for "Dreams End" and "Haunts and Bypaths" at 'reasonable' prices

Name: Bruce Goddard
Comments: Great great page...We Thorne Smith fans may be few, but not extinct. "Turnabout" is my favorite, and thanks to this list I have several more to look for. Notice that the tv star that plays the gorgeous blond in "Ally McBeal" is Courtney Thorne Smith? Not her real name, I assume, but I like it. I hear she plays the accordian between takes.... As much as Thorne loved alcohol, I wish he's been here to try Viagra...

Name: Greg Schneller
Comments: How. well I rememeber picking up a copy of the Bishops' Jeagers at my great anut's house in nasau (back when the earth was flat and cirled by the sun). I don't think my parents saw me for the rest of the trip except to answer a strange question for their quelious 13 year old as to exactly what were "jaegers" anyway from Massachusetts, USA

Read this 50 year ago as a teen-ager. The first book whose reading was interrupted by uncontrolled laughter. Remembered it today reading Ted Hughes new Ovid translations!

casper1@accnorwalk.xom from OHIO

Thorne Smith lived a melencholy (and some what alcohol besotted) existance and yet was able to create some of the funniest writtings known to modern man. His books are a slow read because you find yourself stopping for extended periods of time to laugh, blot your tears, laugh some more and then some more. Line by line, he has you rolling on the floor, causing a scene nowhere near as funny as what you have just read but in serious contention. If you are one of those folks who does not laugh out loud, you should, perhaps avoid his work as I believe it must be unhealthy to stay in control of this much fun with out the safety valve of laughing. And for heaven's sakes, don't read in the presence of strangers, they will think you demented (and you will feel much that way, as well). Smith wrote so long ago that his were books sneaked into the house by my (then) teen-aged father (now nearing 80). The books have survived to be read (and re-read) by every one in the family...and they are evry bit as funny (though probably not as racey) as they were for my dad. They are irreverent, ridiculous, fantastic and amazing. I need more, more,more....

Balthasar v. Weymarn
Thorne Smith Page
Nice to see there *are* some out there who appreciate these gems. Looking for "The Bishop's Jaegers", by the way. If you want to part with your copy, let me know.

The great Thorne Smith - still funny after all these years. It's a shame most of his stuff is out of print... from Wolverine, Mi:
This is one of his best books, I have 5 books he's written, and each one is just as funny, if I didn't know they had been written in the 20's or 30's and they were reprinted today with todays background, they would read as well as todays books. from OHIO:
Simply absurd...just the way I like it! That one man could be at once this melancholy and this hilarious is much of Smith's genious. If not for the gut-splitting humor he would be down-right depressing...but boy, is he not! This is theatre of the absurd at its best. Be prepared to laugh uncontrollably and make a total fool of yourself (if anyone can see you).Thorne Smith was the "racey" writter of my father's youth and my "sibs" and I learned the value of a good laugh at dad's knee.Thorne Smith is the best, I search for more.

From: William TinsdaleDate:
What a nice surprise to see this page. you've brought back many memories - thank you!

From: Kage Baker
Thorne Smith Tribute Page
How great to find out that I'm not the only one! If you're browsing and you've never read thorne Smith's stuff: Do you like Frasier? Imagine the wit and sophistication with a fantasy twist.

From: Phil Punchard
Thorne Smith
[I was]looking for R.I.B.A. = Architecture. It was amazing to see reference to the Ribald Page and one of my favourite reread authors. Also nice to see listed some rarer titles I have not seen yet - Thanks to all involved in appreciating him - Phil.

Peter Zilahy Ingerman, PhD (
Hello, aficionados!
I'm delighted to have discovered you! My dissertation topic was Thorne Smith, and I own all (yes, *all*) of his books.

c jones (
I've seen titles on the home page list that i had never heard about but why no pge for turnabout it's one of my favorite books. and they made a movie in 1939 and a tv show in 1979. It needs a page. Come on...Turnabout is getting lonely all by itself. give it a home :)

Tomm Sullivan ( Thorne Smith
This fellow and his humor were a delight of my early adult years. Sadly I searched the public libraries down here in Arizona with no luck. As you can tell however I have struck gold with this home page. It all comes back, hot summer nights near the beach in Connecticut, gin, girls and the enjoyment of reading about truly Zany characters. Hard to explain to "serious" friends, but FUN.

William L. Ingram ( Host/Computer: Date: Tue Apr 7 12:18:45 1998 Thorne Smith Thank you very much for posting this Thorne Smith home page. I've been more than a fan of Smith's works since I was twelve and discovered a 1950s edition of "Rain in the Doorway." Smith was one of the most innovative wordsmiths in American literature. As delighted as his novels leave us feeling, Smith had offered a rhetorical invitation, rooted in the human experience, that is as deeply important today as it was seventy years ago. To quote Henry Kuttner, via Ray Bradbury, "If you haven't read Thorne Smith, read him. If you have read him, reread him."

From: Lynnne Myers (
Date: Mon May 11 15:25:52 1998
What a page to veer on! Absolutely thrilled to discover this wonderful site - have managed to purchase duplicate copies in England of most of his books to read, re-read and fantasise and wish that I am one of his characters! Am desperately keen to obtain "Dream's End", Haunts and by-paths", "Lazy Bear Lane", "Broadside" and "Yonder's Henry" - please get in touch if you can help. Must go - Sappho needs feeding!!!!!

From: Bob Hale (
Date: Tue May 19 14:06:17 1998
Thorne Smith
Was absolutely delighted to find this page. Thorne Smith became a friend through his works. I discovered him in 1948 and have several of his books on file. I place them in my "dear and old friends" shelf--books that demand a read, and a re-read numerous times, for they never get old. I particularly like "Nightlife of the Gods" and Smith's social commentary that achingly makes itself felt throughout much of Smith's work. Good show for having this page. Perhaps the world of literature and Hollywood will discover this fine author all over again.

From: George H. Scheetz (
The Thorne Smith Society

The site is a nice tribute to Thorne Smith. A bibliography of his works was published in 1983 in the Bulletin of Bibliography. The anniversary of his birth (27 March 1892) is commemorated in Chase's Calendar of Events.

From: John Aydelotte (
Thorne Smith

Glad to find this site. Although Thorne Smith was a little before my time, I enjoyed the Hollywoood version of the Topper series. I can remember finding some of his books hidden away in my parents room. I'd like to find his books again so I can reread them with out having to be afraid be being found out.

From: Bob G
Thorne Smith

Hullo From Melb As a fan of The work of Thorn Smith I am delighted t o see a page dedicated to his work and discover more titles than I knew exsited. As a boy I found his books fun and freeing of imagination.

From: Howard Walter (YXNG68A@PRODIGY.COM)

I am fortunate to have a copy of Did She Fall Plus the "Triplets" "Three Baggers" 3-Decker" albeit pages are yellowing as am I Although I do not have his writing talent . . we did/do share something in common: The juniper berry

From: mike weber (

Topic? You know, I've noticed that things that claim to be strictly bound by topics often wander off...

A Thorne Smith page -- lovely idea. I'm pretty sure i've read all of his books -- i'll have to go back and check your list. *** Does anyone have a line on a copy of the (alleged) film version of -Night Life of the Gods-? *** Speaking of -Gods- ((which i am re-reading even today)), looking at the photo of Smith, i can see how easy it was for him to describe Hunter Hawk and Lawrence Lamb. *** And speaking of Mr Lamb -- it was the multiple references to Ernest Bramah's "Kai Lung" in -Stray Lamb- that turned me on to Kai Lung's marvellous adventures in Ancient China... *** Best Wishes to all...

From: Thom Winters

I had no idea Thorne Smith's books were still available. I've just ordered Topper and Biltmore Oswald. Thank you for making my favorite author available again!

From: Dann Lunsford (

I was a fan of the "Topper" series long before I became aware of Smith. When I found "Night Life of the Gods", I was hooked. "The Stray Lamb" has me in stitches on even pages, in tears on odd. The man was a flippin' *genius*! I now have most of his books, including first editions of "Biltmore Oswald","Out o' Luck" and "Topper". I'm really glad I found this site. Thanks for putting it up!

From: Jeff Taylor (
Thanks for putting TS on the Net. I remember a story by Theodore Sturgeon in which he quotes Thorne Smith, with attribution; something about "He had a voice as low as his intentions." But I don't remember which book it was where a general's statue is brought to life, and the first thing he resolves to do is "to shoot six *&%##! pigeons" with his sidearm. Guy was a genius: scary funny.

From: Malcolm Jones (
What an antidote to a dull Thursday afternoon at work, to discover a page about my favourite humourous writer!. My father introduced me to his novels when I was about ten years old (he was careless with my moral development - thank goodness!), and I've been steadily collecting them ever since. It's also been my mission to introduce him to as many like-minded souls as I can....
Faves must include Rain in the Doorway, and Night Life...but they're all great!
They are not too easy to find in the UK at the present time - a few years ago you could find second-hand copies quite easily - and many booksellers have sadly never heard of him, which is nothing short of tragic!
Please, please, please keep adding stuff to the site! The illustrations from the books are magical - and more biographical stuff too would be great!
Brilliant stuff! You've made my year! Keep up the good work!
"A mocking kiss on the cold cheek of convention!"

From: Karen Harbaugh (

This website is marvelous! I am a major fan of Thorne Smith, and had thought I had found all but one of his books--only to find there are lots more.

My dear departed father introduced me to Thorne Smith books when I was a teen; he told me when he was a new recruit in the Navy back in WWII, he'd got hold of Biltmore Oswald and was a fan ever since. I in turn introduced my college friends to T.S.'s books, thereby infecting a goodly portion of the U. of WA.'s student population with T.S. fever. And when I wrote and published my own books, upon re-reading them, I can tell just where I was influenced by Thorne Smith.

I'm glad to find more of T.S's books--it'll be a wonderful way to remember my ol' dad and the fun we had sharing our love of books.

--Karen H.

From: Roger ( Date: Tue Jul 28 13:45:48 1998 re: great site. rights info? a brilliant site! do you know who controls the rights to mr smith's works? i've tried to inquiry through publishers but they are not too receptive to my questions. oh well. look forward to hearing from you. best, roger

From: Rich Romer (R2raptor@ix.netcom) Date: Wed Jul 29 20:30:11 1998 Thorne Smith Mr. Smith is my dad's favorite author,told him I would look him up.I was very happy to find this site,and the listing of titles.Dad is missing 5 of the books so I guess the search is on. Thanks so much for the information. Rich

From: Neil Belsky (
Date: Tue Aug 11 12:00:16 1998

Laugh and the World. Laughs With You. Laugh and Cry and you HAVE Got to be reading Thorne Smith

"Nightlife of the Gods" Damn, I'm 43 and I still cry at the end of the book. Does anypone know how REALLY hard it is to find a Megara or a Marion Kirby? Talk about women living up to unreal expectations.
Thorne Smith as film. Remake "Topper" and be honest about Marion's affair with Cosmo (implied you say?) The final seen of "Nightlife of the Gods". Imagine the museum curator opening up in the morning and finding a new stature. Two lovers frozen in a kiss (and more) for all eternity.
Lots more to talk about but this is habit forming. The page is lovely.
Now do James Branch Cabell and John Barth.

Neil Ira Belsky

From: Chuck Hoffman (
Glad I found you.
Thorne Smith is the only author that made me laugh out loud in study hall, a looonnnggg time ago. Finding your website, is like having lived with a rare disease then discovering you're not the only one. I look forward to visiting again.
As I go back to the website, I'll be looking for a source to buy the film "Nightlife of the Gods". If I can't find it, Can anyone help?

From: Adam Jezard (
Thorne Smith

How great it is to see two Smith sites (with the Ribald Page). Keep up the good work. I have most of Smith's comic books (inc. a US first, sadly without a dustjacket, of The Glorious Pool!). Someday Smith's genius will be recognised as greatly as Wodehouse's. Until then, go on reminding them of it...

From: Jonathan Sykes
From: England
Comments: Loved his books since a kid. My mother had read them and persuaded me to give 'em a go and the rest is history. Every new town in the UK with a second hand bookshop has to be searched, and every now and again I come across one of the books languishing in a darkened corner, but there must be a lot of fans over here, as they seem to be harder to find these days. Favourite book "Night Life of the Gods", the first I ever read.

From: Michael Rockliff
Comments: You might be gratified to know that Modern Library will be publishing 3 Thorne Smith titles next year.

From: Lorijean Canfield
From: San Diego CA
Comments: Thorne Smith is my all time FAVORITE author! It was such a delight to discover that he hasn't been forgotten and that other people cherish his works as well ! His books to me are like an old friend... whenever i have personal problems or am depressed ... I pick up the "The Stray Lamb" or " Rain inthe Doorway" open to any page , and it's like being transported into his crazy world of implausibilities and total anti-establishmentism's... WONDERFUL !!!!

From: Evelyn Levitz
From: Pretoria, South Africa
Comments: I thought I was the only one left to revere Thorne Smith. Glad to know there are others around and that his books are back in print.

From: Jack Atherton
From: Reno Nevada
Comments: I started reading Thorne Smith novels in the50's. They were in my family library, inherited from my Grandmother Grace Atherton's estate. I'm still looking for the ones I haven't read yet "Biltmore Oswald" in particular. I'd also like to find copies of his movies on video. I believe "Turnabout" and "The Passionate Witch" were made into movies. Too bad some enterprising producer doesn't make a movie from "The Bishop's Jaegers", that would make a dandy "at least R rated" movie. Any one having any of these items, please drop me a line. Thanks, Jack Atherton

From: David Halsworth
From: Monroeville, PA
Comments: A great find! At last a Thorne Smith Appreciation page. Long over due. I will cast my vote at the Modern Library. DH

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