Always Young and Fair

A very well structured story that tells of a love triangle between Lucy Markle, Tom and Will Grail. The story is told from the perspective of Lucy cousin who details the events that occurred in the small town of Pine Ridge, Pennsylvania during the early 1900's. The Markles were THE prominent family of Pine Mills, Pennsylvania. Lucy Markle and Will Grail are childhood sweethearts. In the past, Lucy had pursued Will, but Will would never commit. Will's cousin Tom, seeing an opportunity, begins courting Lucy and eventually asks her to marry him. Lucy, not seeing any reaction from Will and not wanting to be an old maid, accepts Tom's offer half-heartedly. Lucy and Tom become engaged but before they can marry, Tom is called off to fight in World War I. Tom dies a hero's death in the jungle but his body is never found. Will, also called off to fight, comes back alive and has his eye on Lucy. Never *in love* with Tom, Lucy begins to canonize Tom's memory and begins to devote her life to the preservation of his memory. Will's advances toward Lucy are thwarted due to the guilt she feels of possibly disgracing Tom's memory by marrying. Will tries to woo her unsuccessfully for several years and eventually gives up trying.

As the years roll by, Lucy inherits the family fortune and becomes the matriarch of the town, giving money to several worthy causes in Pine Mills. Tom's pictures still adorn her house, but she begins to notice that her devotion to Tom (now deceased a decade)is becoming awkward. She ages, but his immortal picture always stays the same. Realizing her devotion has been a waste of her life, she looks at the possibility of a relationship with Will. The question is: is Will, spurned all these years by the ghost of his cousin, Tom, willing to reunite with Lucy?

You'll have to read the book to find out the rest. To place and order for "Always Young and Fair," click here to request a book search. Hopefully, this great little novel will come back in print.

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