A Little About Me

Jim Choma


1. Playing guitar, keyboards and creating my own music
2. Writing
3. Spending quality time with my wife and son
4. Entertaining our idiot cats - supreme kings of leisure and table scraps.

Some of My Favorite Links


Great Writers and Poets: A great source for information.
The Works of Shakespeare
Shakespeare-Oxforde Society - Did Shakespeare write Shakespeare?
J.R.R. Tolkien - Another Favorite Author.
Ben Jonson - The Great Cavalier Poet


Piter Brugel the Elder - 16th Century Flemish Painter: Beautiful works.
Warren Kimble - Great Americana Art


J.S. Bach Homepage - My Favorite Classical Composer
Neil Zaza - Possibly the best guitarist on the planet - hands down
Baroque Music Home Page
One-Stop Classical Music Site
Elvis Presley
T. Rex - A Favorite Group of Mine
Chilliwack - Another Favorite Group of Mine
Gary Numan's Web Site - Another of My All Time Favorite Musicians
Tony Visconti - Producer of Some Legendery Groups - T. Rex, Bowie, Moody Blues
Uriah Heep's Homepage
Hawkwind - a Strange, strange group with hypnotic music

Recreation & Fun

A Site Dedicated to the Great Cartoonist Tex Avery
Baby Blues - One of the Greatest Comics Covering the Ups and Downs of Parenting
The Great Outdoors Website - For Those That Love The Outdoors
Saturday Morning TV Shows from the 60's and 70's
A Good Hard Look at the Physics Behind Time Travel
Google - The Most Accurate Search Engine On the Web
The Nine Planets Site - Information on Our Solar System

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